Esperienza’s Language Teachers


Carmela Parisi

Carmela grew up in Rome, Italy, and graduated in Classics from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

In 1990, she moved to Berkeley CA, then Washington D.C., where she  spent many years teaching Italian at all levels and taking care of her four children. She went on to teach at several prestigious institutions, including Washington University, the State Department and Casa Italiana.

After moving from D.C. to Minneapolis in 2006, Carmela began teaching at the Italian Cultural Center there. In 2014, she moved back to Italy, and currently lives in Rome with her children. There, she teaches Classics full time at the Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II.

Emanuela Corbetta

Brought up in Venice, graduated with a thesis in Theater Semiology at the Department of Italian Literature and Philosophy of the University of Bologna, Emanuela received her MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. Spanish Ministry of Education DELE C2 Certified, Emanuela also has a diploma in interpreting and translation. Co-founder and board member of the Italian Cultural Center in Minneapolis/St. Paul with extensive experience in L2  teaching and curriculum development, including Italian and Spanish at Washington University in St Louis, Italian at The University of Rochester, Loyola University of Chicago, University Language Center in Minneapolis.



Emanuela Corbetta was my Italian professor at Washington University in St. Louis. Not only did I look forward to her classes every week, but she also inspired me to take my learning to the next level - in and out of the classroom. I now work for a Fortune 100 company in their Global Business Unit where I get to reek the benefits of knowing other languages."  ~ Tina Orescanin)

I was privileged to have Professor Corbetta as an Italian professor at Washington University. She was patient, helpful, and genuinely interested in our progress, and I improved a lot under her instruction. Learning a foreign language can be challenging, but it opens up your mind to new ideas, cultures, and experiences, which I think is vital in a professional world which is only becoming more and more international. ~ Genna Morton

Prof. Corbetta is an outstanding and compassionate language instructor. I took an advanced Spanish course at Washington University under her instruction  and was continually impressed with her depth and breadth of mastery of the language. Prof. Corbetta challenged me and my colleagues to understand the language through its culture and nuance, elements which are often absent from textbooks and other self-learning modules. I am very grateful for the skills I mastered as one of Prof. Corbetta's students, and to this day I still use my Spanish in the science research field. ~ Nick Thomburg