Above image & artwork by Eyenga Bokamba.

One of our goals at Esperienza is to sustain and celebrate the amazing art and culture in the Emilia Romagna region. What better way to do so than providing new opportunities to aspiring and talented new artists.

Experienza celebrates our first Artists-In-Residence!

Esperienza and the town of Pennabilli are excited to announce an Artist-in-Residence program intended to promote Pennabilli to a wider audience and inspire further exploration of this fascinating artistic village in the heart of Italy.


Eyenga Bokamba

Watercolor Painter, 2018 Artist in Residence

Photo credit: Maria Chiang

Visual artist Eyenga Bokamba was in residence in Pennabilli September 5-21, 2018. Eyenga Bokamba (Minneapolis, MN) is an artist whose abstract paintings and installation art express a rare and translucent beauty. She is the founder of Future Tense Gallery in Minneapolis and holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Minnesota and a Masters Degree from the Arts in Education Program at Harvard University.  Her work has been exhibited in Boston, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee, as well as in Miami in 2018 during Art Basel. Most recently, she had a solo exhibit titled "What will I do with all this freedom?" at The National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) in New York City. "My greatest desire," says the artist, "is to create work that advances our collective consciousness about what it means to be alive, thriving, and empathetic in today's world.”

For more information about Eyenga’s work, visit her website (https://www.eyengabokambapaintings.com


Lisa Venticinque

Photographer, 2018 Artist in Residence


 Lisa Venticinque is a photographer based in Saint Paul, Minnesota specializing in portraiture & documentary storytelling.  With an M.A. in Media & Communications from Goldsmiths University of London, her background is in documentary media and Cultural Anthropology.  In addition to photography, the spectrum of her work has included shooting and producing documentary shorts, working as associate producer on national print & video campaigns, event production, graphic design and more.  Lisa is currently in the midst of a research and portraiture project entitled We Are 25, in which she is exploring the Venticinque name: its origin, its storyline, and the people who carry the name. 

The new Artist-in-residence application forms will be available after January 2019.