What Makes Esperienza Different?

It starts with Pennabilli, a small, enchanting hilltop town in Emilia Romagna. With its breathtaking beauty, its unique artistic history, its welcoming shops and restaurants, Pennabilli exudes Italian warmth and charm.

Beyond Pennabilli, there’s the remarkable surrounding countryside. Sprinkled throughout are all the art, culture, history and cuisine one expects to find in Italy. But there’s also an astounding array of unexpected wonders: orchards nurturing rare fruits, a world-famous cooking school, off-the-beaten-path museums, the number-one-rated restaurant in the world (according to Michelin), the list goes on and on.

Perhaps most importantly, Esperienza will bring you closer to Italian farmers, chefs, artists and townspeople in an authentic, immersive experience like no other. At the same time, your presence and participation make a significant difference, energizing the economic health of this wonderful community.

I’ve always loved traveling and discovering new flavors. Esperienza set a new standard.
— K. Cousineau