What if I don’t speak any italian?

If you’re interested in the language immersion, total beginners are very welcome. If you’re interested in the culinary program, there is no need to speak or understand Italian. However, we can’t guarantee you won’t pick up a few Italian words, phrases and songs in the course of the trip.

My partner wants to come along, but isn't interested in participating in the language program. Is this possible and how will it work?

Yes, we can happily accommodate couples with only one person participating in the language program. While there are no alternate planned activities in the morning (during class time), there are ample opportunities to explore the town of Pennabilli and the surrounding region. After class time, your partner can join in all of our afternoon and evening activities. For more information, please contact us directly.

Is wine included in the overall price? 

For both the language and culinary programs, there are a number of meals included in the overall price. Some, but not all, of these meals may include wine, usually a table wine chosen by the restaurant. Guests may also purchase their own wine, if preferred.

Because the culinary tour is more food-focused, there are more opportunities to enjoy the great wines of Emilia Romagna.

How much time is spent on various forms of transportation?

Many of our excursions require travel via van or shuttle bus. Most of these trips are in the 45- to 90-minute range. On the culinary tour, there are a few longer rides to travel from hotel to hotel.

Is there a trip leader or leaders?

On our daily excursions, there will always be at least one (and usually two) trip leaders. Along with handling all logistics, these leaders will provide cultural, historic and general information.

Should I buy trip insurance?


How active is this trip?

Though not mandatory, trip insurance is recommended.


On both the language and culinary programs, there’s a fair amount of walking involved. While none of it is particularly strenuous, if you have mobility issues, please notify us in advance so that we may be able to accommodate you.